Tasmanian News

Happy camper

September 22, 2014
A Launceston man is safe and well after a camping trip in northern Tasmania's Narawntapu National Park went haywire over the weekend. Josh Norrish wandered off from his friends to check the tide but…
milleniumfalcon f98c2

Is that what we think it is?

September 22, 2014
Yes. Yes, it is. Star Wars fans have a lot to be excited (and a little bit worried) about lately. But if the stress and pressure of an upcoming new Star War movie gives us anything it is these…

Interview - Shannon from The Block

Simon and Shannon took out room reveal last night with their ensuite - we caught up…

Interview - Joe Camilleri

Joe Camilleri visited us in the studio this morning - he also has a new album out…

Video - Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush Review Margaret and David

At The Movies will finish up in December following the announcement that hosts Margaret…

Jules' Death Sauce Hot Dog Challenge

Here's Jules a self confessed chilli freak taking on Fairsy's challenge to eat a hot dog…
Music News

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1

Ready for your next Katniss Everdeen fix? Here's a sneak peak of the upcoming November…
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Sam Smith 'In The Lonely Hour' Tour 2015

Sam Smith will bring his In The Lonely Hour Tour to Australia next year! After playing at…
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Sheppard's October Homecoming Tour!

It's no secret that Sheppard are just getting bigger and bigger since the release of…
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Taylor Swift New Single & Album!

Haters gonna hate - unless you're Taylor Swift who is shaking it off! She's dropped so…

Perth Primary School Shopping Night

It’s on again, the Perth Primary School invites you to come along and shop. Grab a friend…

National Bandanna Day 2014

Celebrating 20 Years - National Bandanna Day is set to take place on Friday, October 31st…

Meander Community Trivia Night

The Meander Community is hosting a Trivia Night for Josh Flowers – the current Fly…

PCYC School Holiday Activities

At PCYC (a non for profit organisation) there are a range of activities to cater for…
New Music Videos

Time to play ball?

Cat treat ad, or the latest offering from Nike/Adidas/insert sport brand here?

Ikea Bookbook™

Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has some fun taking the p%$$ out of Apple's product…

Selfie Toaster

'Nuff said. Take my money!!!

Remarkable bird, innit? Monty Python's dead parrot - upsized.

Best way to celebrate a Monty Python reunion in London? Place a 50ft dead parrot in…
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