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 When pests are pestering your home or business, it's time to call Prime Pest Control.

Whether it's ants, spiders, wasps, rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, birds or beetles, the expert team at Prime Pest Control will rid your residence of any pest, any time!

They also offer a six month guarantee, which means you can be confident that Prime Pest Control will control the creepy crawlies.

Best of all is the offer by their fully licensed technicians of an obligation-free quotation service available across the state.

No matter what the requirement, whether residential, commercial or industrial, Prime Pest Control will put an end to the infiltration of furry, feathered or frightful invaders once and for all.

So take control of your property from the grasp of the unwelcome pests, call Prime Pest Control today, because they are the best with pests!