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Kim Kardashian discusses fame, missteps

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Kim Kardashian West takes her status as a role model seriously, and says part of that is owning up to her past mistakes and not letting online hatred distract her from her goals.

The reality show star spoke to The Associated Press on Tuesday before taking the stage as one of the keynote speakers at the annual Forbes Women's Summit.

She touched on how hurtful comments affect her and how the robbery in Paris has changed her life.

Kardashian West told the AP she is aware of her detractors, but said she has a bigger message of positivity to share.

"I obviously have made my fair share of mistakes like everyone else, but I hope to never repeat those mistakes, and just learn from what I've done," she said.

"So if people, or young girls, or kids can look up to just someone that works really hard, and focuses on really what I want, and makes that happen, then you know I hope that inspires them."

Earlier in the day, Kardashian West added to that brand as announced the launch of her beauty line KKW.

Forbes just released its 2017 list ranking the world's highest-paid celebrities and Kardashian West came in at number 47 with $US45.5 million ($A60.4 million).

Kardashian West has a combined 180 million followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and has mastered each platform for maximum exposure for her overall brand, something she attributes to a simple rule.

"The most important thing is being authentic, and listening," she said.

With that many followers, Kardashian West said she knows there's going to be a certain level of negative comments.

"Absolutely it affects me ... there could be one or two negative comments that really do affect you, and get to you," she said.

"You know I'm human just like everyone else. Like things do hurt my feelings, but I think that I do have a really thick skin."

She is more concerned that people, young and old, are victims of the same online bullying tactics.

"They have this keyboard courage that no one will see them and they will just write whatever and hurt your feelings," she said. "I know I can handle it, but I just fear for - I do see why young kids and people and teenagers, even get ... so hurt and bothered. That is what really bothers me."

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