20 20's Week Commencing May 29

This Week on the 20 20 Retro Countdown... we'll mix movies and music...remember a music legend... head to the movies in 1988.. and celebrate birthdays..




 Join us for a countdown of hits that were covered for Movie Soundtracks.... Some were tributes like Los Lobos with their version of "La Bamba" for the movie of the same name... some recreated an era - like Phil Collins' "Groovy Kind Of Love" for Buster.. others were just great covers that turned out to be more memorable than the movie - like the Bangles cover of Simon And Garfunkel's hit "Hazy Shade Of Winter"... do you remember which movie it was from?? Find out in the "Movie Covers Countdown"




Our 20 20 Retro Countdown takes us back to late May 1981... when the world was still mourning the death of reggae legend Bob Marley...  Got the top 20 from that week which includes the hit from a movie soundtrack that was meant to make you feel like you'd already seen the movie.... and we'll squeeze in a tv ad from this week in 1981 that had us trying experiments in the kitchen.





Join us as we head back to the week when Crocodile Dundee returned to the big screen in his second adventure... it's 1988. The Queen had just opened the new Parliment House during our Bi-Centennial year... and there was plenty of Australian music on the charts... Big Pig, The Church, LRB, INXS, Kylie... it was a special time for Aussie artists... and speaking of Kylie - she was part of a TV Wedding that stopped the nation during this week in 1988... find out who on "Neighbours" was getting married as we turn the 20 20 clock back to late May 1988!




Time to blow out the candles on the June birthday cakes... We'll bring together the biggest artists celebrating birthdays in June... add some of the other celebrities with a birthday coming up - and turn on one big party.... this is your invitation to celebrate with Paula Abdul, Suzi Quarto, Tom Jones, Paul McCartney and a heap of other artists who'll be putting on party hats in the month ahead - on the June Birthdays 20 20 Retro Countdown!




We're dragging out one of our favourite countdowns - "The Title Switch" 20 20 Retro Countdown..Hear the stories behind the titles that songs had - before they received the title they are famous for.. Ofcourse - the most famous of all is "Scrambled Eggs" - "Yesterday"... but we'll also hear songs that were called..."Long Live Rock And Roll", "The Best Days Of My Life". "The Motorcycle Song". "Cruisin' For Ladies" and "Morning Lasted All Day"... to find out what they were called when they were hits on the charts... join us for the "Title Switch" 20 20 Retro Countdown!





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