Pet of the Week

LAFM features a different pet each week available for adoption from the RSPCA Launceston. If you are interested in our Pet of the Week, please contact the RSPCA Launceston on 6332 8200 or call in to 20 Cavalry Road (off Remount Rd) Mowbray.

Meet this week's pets: Storm and Peanut

potw storm peanut

18 month old Storm is quite a shy girl until she finds another dog she likes, and then she is happy to follow them to go for a walk. When 12 month old Peanut came into her life, it was love at first sight, and she would follow him to the ends of the earth.

The two dogs have now formed a very strong bond, and clearly just adore each other. When they are not kissing, they are playing. Both dogs are Staffy X, same size, and both would make wonderful family pets.

We would love to now find them a home together, so if you have ever considered having two dogs, this would be a great pair to start with. They will keep each other company when none of the humans are home, and greet you at the gate when you come back.

We have a special adoption fee if both dogs are adopted together, as we really don’t want to break this wonderful couple up.