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St George's Square Quality Meats Featured

You don't have to be a Masterchef to know how to use different cuts of mouthwatering meat - just visit the amazing butcher at St George's Square Quality Meats.

They stock tasty cuts including beef cheeks, lamb shanks, osso bucco, back straps, even ox tail and rabbit.

For meats that produce sensational meals, full of rich, hearty flavours, this is the butchery that's got you covered.

And during the summer months, don't stress about unveiling the barbie.

With a succulent range of Weber roasts, plus pork belly and fresh duck, you'll be rocking the best gourmet barbecue menu in the street!

Butterflied legs of lamb, butterflied chicken, quality steaks and gourmet sausages, the neighbours will be tripping over themselves to be invited in on the delicious action.

St George's also understands your individual dietary needs and stocks gluten free specialties.