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When it comes to restricting light from entering your home or vehicle, the team at Tint-A-Car are the guys with the know-how.

The experienced and knowledgeable team have over 40 years under their belt within the industry and utilise exclusive films from the largest supplier of window film in the world.

Tint-A-Car tints more vehicles in Australia than any other company, all of which include a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranties.

All installations are carried out by professionally trained film applicators and through choosing Tint-A-Car, you are supporting Cancer Council and Planet Ark through product sale.

As a company that care about it's local community, Tint-A-Car will do whatever is required when it comes to putting their customers first.

They offer no interest finance and only the best achievable outcome, so let Tint-A-Car by your first tinting choice.