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We're Aussies and we love our meat!

Whether it's in the form of tasty lamb chops, tender steak, a sizzling hot snag or succulent seafood, Baldy's Butchery is a meat-lover's paradise.

If you are on the hunt for gourmet or specialty meats of any kind, Baldy from Baldy's Butchery in Kmart Plaza has everything you desire.

With all your favourite cuts of meat, including Texas T-Bone steaks, his own lovingly-made sausages and lamb and beef from local farms, Baldy's Butchery is the place to go.

The friendly, local staff are all about putting their customers first and providing the best products and service possible.

This is why at Baldy's Butchery, we will even cryovac on request and order in specialty requests.

Fancy a nice piece of meat?

Well don't split hairs - see Baldy and his team.