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Lady Gaga Channels Kindness with her new Book about Resilience

Lady Gaga is releasing a book featuring inspirational stories from young people all over the world as well as her own “personal notes of empowerment”.

'Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community' features 51 stories about kindness, bravery and resilience and Lady Gaga has penned the introduction.

Lady Gaga says the book was inspired by her mental health struggles at school, where she didn’t know how to stand up for herself.

The 51 stories were collected by the Born This Way Foundation, which Lady Gaga founded with her mum Cynthia Germanotta. The nonprofit is dedicated to “making the world a kinder and braver place”.

The Channel Kindness website says: “Within these pages, you’ll meet young changemakers who found their inner strength, prevailed in the face of bullies, started their own social movements, and decided to break through the mental health stigma.”

Lady Gaga has been promoting the book with a 21 days of kindness challenge on her twitter using the #BeKind21 hashtag.

Even Sesame Street has joined in!

The book comes out on September 22.