7 colourful creatures you'll swear are photoshopped

Check out these 7 animals with a flair for the dramatic in their colouring!

Sometimes it's hard to tell if things are real on the internet, especially when you see some wildly coloured animal that surely must be fake.

That's what we thought when we saw a pink armadillo and a blue lobster recently. But no, they exist!

So we went searching for some more colourful animals that looked so amazingly brilliant we thought they must've been photoshopped.

And not just birds (we've only included one) because that would be too obvious or easy.

Check them out.

1. Pink Fairy Armadillo

Armadillos are known for their leathery shell and big claws for digging. And then there's this little cutie, which seems to be made of fairy floss and cuteness. 

2. Mandarinfish

This gorgeous fish proves the old saying that looks can be deceiving. The Mandarinfish stinks and is toxic too. Look but don't touch!

3. Panda Ant

 That’s one furry ant! Except it’s a wasp. And the female has no wings. Seems like a rough deal to us. Reminds us of a bamboo-loving Panda or a dalmation, which is pretty cute until you learn its sting is so strong it's been given the nickname of "cow killer". 

4. Blue Lobster

Animals you don't expect to be blue. Lobster. Tick. They're extremely rare, so if you do catch one, think yourself lucky. And then be kind and throw it back.

5. Bolivian Golden Bat

This is a newly discovered species and is now protected. Which is great, because we think it looks like its made from the filling of a Crunchie Bar and we'd probably eat it.

6. Pink-necked Green Pigeon

Pigeons are often thought of as "rats with wings", but not this one! How stunning! 

7. Albino Alligator

Okay so obviously this one's an absence of colour, but we still think it's amazing to think of a fierce alligator being white. The babies hatch looking rather pink, but the adult is all white. If you saw it lying on the ground, you might think it's a marble statue and go for a closer look, which obviously would be a big mistake!