Baby Driver roars into Australian cinemas

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The young stars of action-packed thriller Baby Driver describe the shoot as 'difficult', but not for the reasons you may think.

The film has won international praise for its high-speed car chases and syncopated stunts alongside a perfectly tuned soundtrack, largely due to the film's director Edgar Wright being something of a 'perfectionist'.

"The hardest part about working on Baby Driver was working with (co-star) Lily (James). We had so much fun together it was hard to get down to business. We always just wanted to keep joking, Edgar would have to separate us," the film's star Ansel Elgort told AAP.

While the duo's constant off-screen banter is akin to old-school friends, their on-screen chemistry was "created in a lab" while the adrenaline-packed action provides non-stop thrills.

"The dude is like a genius, he's a visionary and he knows what he wants more than anyone I've ever worked with," Elgort said during a whirlwind visit to Sydney to promote the movie.

Elgort stars as the masterful getaway driver Baby, who because he has tinnitus listens to music throughout the film through headphones connected to various iPods.

The other actors wear hidden earpieces in order to keep each scene in sync with the music, which James says was chosen before Wright penned the script for each scene.

British actress James shot to fame in the hit TV show Downtown Abbey and recently starred in the Hollywood hit Cinderella, said the music was always playing in their ears "so we would be in the same vibe as the other actors".

"Occasionally you would get white noise coming through though; that was pretty annoying," the 28-year-old said.

James who plays Baby's love interest Debora, said the shoot - which featured no CGI effects and relied solely on stunt doubles and the actors - was tough at times

"You had to be really on the ball, it was really quite gruelling," she said.

In the film, Elgort's character is caught up with a local bank-robbing gang that includes a heavily-tattooed Jamie Foxx and a not-so-dapper Jon Hamm, while Kevin Spacey plays their ruthless boss.

But despite the rigorous schedule, Elgort likened the shoot to one of the soundtrack songs 'Easy like Sunday Morning', saying the on-screen camaraderie between the cast had transcended off screen too.

"Kevin Spacey is my homey. See, my life's pretty sweet, I get to say 'Kevin Spacey is my homey'," the 23-year-old said.

While the film continues to garner positive reviews, Elgort and James haven't ruled out the potential for a sequel.

"There are some rumours going around that we might be doing a sequel one day, whether it be five or 10 years from now; but if that's the next time I work with Edgar I'll be sad - hopefully it's sooner rather than later - because I loved working with him," Elgort said.

* Baby Driver is in cinemas now.

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Image: Wilson Webb/Sony/TriStar via AP

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