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Get locked up for a good cause - Whitelion Bail Out looking for game Tasmanians

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As she prepares to embark on Whitelion’s inaugural Overland Track Challenge, Whitelion Tasmania State Manager, Barb Walters, joins Fairsy for his Big Breakfast.

Excited to lock Fairsy up in just over two months’ time, Barb discusses the annual Whitelion Bail Out, which puts participants in the shoes of Tasmania’s disadvantaged youth for a night.

This year’s Bail Out is taking place on Friday May 18th, and as always, all funds raised here in Tassie will stay here to help our state’s youth.

If you would like to take part in the Bail Out, or you have a business or boss you’d like to dob in, contact Whitelion on 6344 8522.

To show your support for Barb in the Overland challenge, click here.

Image: Used with permission.