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Melbourne haze hits Tassie

melbourne smoke

City buildings are seen through smoke haze from bushfires in Melbourne, Tuesday, January 14, 2020 (AAP Image/Erik Anderson)

Smoke has again been on the rise in Tasmania due to mainland blazes. 

The Environment Protection Authority's BLANKET air quality network was showing alarming results this morning, with small particulate levels nearing four times the Asthma Foundation's safe limit in the state's northwest.

Areas including Queenstown, Burnie, Wynyard, Latrobe all the way over to Campbell Town and Fingal are affected, prompting a smoke alert from the Tasmania Fire Service.

Smoke has come across the Bass Strait, after Melbourne took the unenviable title as having the world's worst air quality last night, setting off around 200 smoke alarms.  

The Weather Bureau says conditions are likely to deteriorate into this evening and tomorrow before a wind change clears the air on Thursday morning.

Those vulnerable to smoke should stay indoors, set air conditioners to recirculate and keep any medication handy.