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Cable car setback

cable car

Hobart City Council is again requesting more details from the proponent behind the controversial Mount Wellington/kunyani cable car.

Additional information from the Mount Wellington Cableway Company was submitted last week to address issues in the original development application.

But Hobart City Council's General Manager Nick Heath says there are still questions surrounding Aboriginal heritage, traffic impacts, bushfire planning, biodiversity impacts, sewage management and geotechnical assessments.

“A panel of external assessment experts has determined that the additional information submitted by the proponent on 6 January does not fully satisfy the original request for further information made in July 2019,” he said.

“As such, we have gone back to the proponent stating what further information they still need to lodge to the City of Hobart, as the Planning Authority, to enable us to fully assess the planning application.”

Mr Heath did acknowledge that the proponent had submitted a lot of additional information and much of it was sufficient.

The process will be on hold until the further information is supplied.

“Given the failure of the proponent to do some of the ground work required to prepare a DA this decision comes as no surprise and is welcome,” said Vica Bayley, spokesperson for Residents Opposed to the Cable Car.

“The proponent made a virtue of publishing the original DA in the interest of transparency but its hiding this additional information. One can only conclude it knows the DA remains well below what is required.”

MWCC Chair Chris Oldfield says the new details will be provided, but was taken by surprise at council's decision to speak to the media without consulting the company.

 Image: Mt Wellington Cableway Co.