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Logging protesters charged


Four people have been arrested and charged with trespass and breaching COVID 19 laws while protesting in forests north of Mt Field National Park - the area has two documented Wedge-tailed Eagle nests in adjacent forests.

One of the people arrested spent two nights atop a giant cable-logging machine before being removed by Tasmania Police by a crane.

Jenny Weber from the Bob Brown Foundation says they'll continue to defend forests.

“Intact forests remain standing in this coupe that is habitat for the endangered Wedge-Tailed Eagle and should be protected. An immediate moratorium needs to be put in place over all native forests in Tasmania and Premier Gutwein can take the opportunity to take real climate action and protect these wildlife-rich carbon stores,” Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

“In an age of mass extinction due to loss of habitat, this needless destruction is a crime against future generations,”

The protesters said they followed social distancing requirements with only 10 protesters, but because they were further than 30 kilometres from their home, they've been charged breaching COVID-19 restrictions.

"Logging is not an essential service. On the other hand, protecting natural, carbon rich forests from destruction is essential for a safe climate," she said.

The state governemts said in a statement these protests are taking place on Permanent Timber Production Zone (PTPZ) land, which was set aside by Parliament through the Forest Management Act 2013, after consultation with the environmental movement, specifically to support production forestry in perpetuity.

Image: Bob Brown Foundation.