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Landlords unhappy with extension

rental key

Tasmanian tenants are being urged to keep paying rent if they can, after the state government extended certain pandemic eviction protections.

Rent increases and evictions following a notice to vacate will be banned until the end of September, but tenants can still be ousted for unlawful use of the property, willful damage or violence.

Landlords Tasmania Facebook group founder Louise Elliott says members are frustrated.

"A landlord on the page said her tenants decided to stop paying rent the day after the rent evictions announcement was made and sheRenters is aware nothing has changed in terms of their job point of view and it's been months now and she's actually in tears because that's going to be extended until September where they are basically living rent-free in her house," she said.

She says members of the group have to keep paying mortgages, despite no rent coming in.

"People may talk about mortgages being frozen, but that is simply isn't the case, the interest is accruing so there is a big disincentive for the landlord to try and get rent, whereas, renters for example get to defer the payments with no penalty, there's no disincentive for doing so," she added.