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Hotel quarantine fears

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The Tasmanian Government is playing down Opposition concerns about a potential infection risk at a Hobart quarantine hotel.

The Travelodge on Macquarie Street has been housing people from interstate before they're cleared to enter the community, next door to the city's largest commercial office block.

Labor says the public is apparently free to mingle with potentially covid-infected quarantine guests being offloaded from buses. 

“We have photos of building tenants and members of the public walking freely through groups of passengers exiting the buses, unaware that they are entering quarantine and could be infected with COVID-19. Some passengers are wearing masks, but others are not," said Labor Clark MP Ella Haddad. 

“There are 2,500 workers in this building, along with thousands of members of the public coming and going in this high foot traffic area, so it is critical that measures are in place to ensure they do not come into contact with quarantine arrivals."

Government Minister Roger Jaensch is confident Public Health authorities are on top of the situation.

"Those protocols for the use of those sort of services will be based on advice from Public Health officials," he said. 

The hotel in question has been in the spotlight lately after two fire alarms in recent weeks saw quarantined guests evacuated onto public footpaths. 

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