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'Missing' greyhounds prompts ban

Greyhounds pixabay

A Tasmanian MP is calling on the state government to conduct an independent investigation into the greyhound industry.

Independent and Member for Clark Andrew Wilkie says new figures detail the horrible reality and the cruel sport should be banned.

He claims new data from Let Greyhounds Run Free has shown some 262 greyhound puppies were unaccounted for between 2016 and 2018.

TasRacing says those numbers are inaccurate, but Mr Wilkie is asking the state government to undertake an independent inquiry, and ban the sport.

“What happened to these pups? Why have 262 pups disappeared? The State Government must announce an independent investigation into this matter immediately.”

He says the official figures also reveal 381 racing dogs, that is dogs who survived past puppyhood and were registered to race, were either killed or died from “accidental” or “natural” causes during the same three-year period.

“80 per cent of Australians want greyhound racing shut down, and this needs to happen.”

TasRacing says there are not hundreds of missing greyhound pups, rather the status and location of all greyhounds are tracked by regulators throughout their racing career.

"The number of greyhounds identified as missing by Let Greyhounds Run Free is more accurately described as those greyhounds that have not formally raced," the Office of Racing Integrity said in a statement.

"Over recent years the Tasmanian greyhound racing industry has recognised the level of euthanasia to be unacceptable and have made significant efforts to reduce the numbers."