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Retrospective virus case added

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A person who returned to Tasmania from the U-K in back March has been identified as another case of coronavirus for the state, but no longer active. 

Antibodies for COVID-19 have been detected in the woman, meaning health authorities are classifying her as a "probable case".

"We will probably over the coming months have a small number of these cases added to our list. In contrast with 'confirmed cases', we don't actually find evidence of the virus at the time they're ill. We find indirect evidence in the form of antibodies some time later," Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch said at Friday's coronavirus briefing. 

It takes our total number of infections to 229.

Dr Veitch also confirmed negotiations are underway to allow gyms to return to 24/7 operation and without staff members, so long as they have strict COVID-safe procedures in place. 

"We recognise gyms are really keen to provide services 24 hours a day. Public Health had a meeting with WorkSafe Tasmania yesterday and we've developed a fact sheet which lays out the requirements for enhanced cleaning," he said.

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