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Pig slaughterhouse gets EPA green light

pig abattoir

A pork abattoir for the state's northeast is a step closer.

The state's Environment Protection Authority has scrutinised a proposal for a 150-pig-a-day facility around two and a half kilometres south of Scottsdale.

Ten Mile Enterprises wants to build on a greenfields site and it's attracting attention, with 22 representations to the EPA about odour, wastewater and noise from the plant.

EPA Chair Warren Jones says it can be managed in a sustainable manner, subject to conditions governing natural values and potential nuisance for neighbours.

“Conditions, including noise limits, have been imposed on the activity to ensure that it does not cause environmental nuisance or harm, particularly for nearby residents,” he said.

“Although odour will be partially managed by containment and removal of solid waste from the site, an approved odour management plan is required prior to commencement of operation, with detailed strategies for managing lagoons and other potential sources of odour.

“Meanwhile, monitoring of the treated wastewater and soil condition will be required, along with a detailed plan for management of wastewater, including its use for irrigation,” said Mr Jones.

Dorset council will have the final say.

It comes as Meander Valley Council prepares to vote on a private meatworks slated for Mole Creek.

 Image: EPA