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Change of heart as dole cut looms


New data shows a growing number of Australians want a permanent increase to the Job Seeker rate.

The double dole will be reduced by $300 a fortnight at the end of this month, affecting more than 34,000 Tasmanians, and could fall even lower next year.

Recipients will be able to earn up to $300 a fortnight before their payments are affected in a move aimed at softening the blow of the cut. 

Research firm Per Capita has found around two-thirds of Australians believe the payment should remain at a higher rate.

Executive Director Emma Dawson says the move would help stimulate the economy.

"We've found a massive increase in the number of people, or proportion of respondents, who want to see a permanent increase in Jobseeker," she said. 

"Now 62 per cent say they want to see an increase of at least $75 a week." 

Per Capita's study comes on top of a startling Deloitte Access Economics report which has found the cut to the Jobseeker coronavirus supplement will lose the nation's economy around 145,000 jobs.