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Uproar over recycling plant

medical waste

Residents near a controversial recycling plant slated for Invermay are voicing their concerns to the Launceston City Council.

Dozens of locals have already rallied against the Churchill Park Drive facility, amidst concerns about noise as well as oil and medical waste on the site.

One resident, Jo, became emotional telling her story and says her front yard is not a peaceful area anymore.

"I chose to live here, it was quiet. It did not attract rodents, it did not smell, it did not have over 100 vehicles moving around all day and night. The other day, there was one truck in the yard, and it had maximum decibels on my front deck of 82.8. On a normal day the average is below 40."

Another resident, Jane, says Invermay road is very busy as it is.

"Veolia trucks are big, and the visibility around them is not good. There is an intersection where there is a blind spot on that road. Lots of cars, people and a blind spot is not a good combination, especially in bad weather."

The development has been recommended for approval, subject to 50 conditions.