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Housing Minister in hot water

Parliament House Hobart Panorama

Tasmania's Housing Minister has been accused of misleading parliament.

The claim is that after the Supreme Court found the Liberal government had no right to evict an intellectually disabled man from public housing, it was moving to change the state's tenancy laws, so that tenants could be evicted without genuine or just cause.

On questioning today, Housing Minister Roger Jaensch denied knowledge, yet the Greens produced a leaked cabinet minute showing the plan was considered and decided against on August 24th.

The opposition parties are branding it as a willfull misleading of parliament, requiring the Minister's resignation.

"The Minister had an opportunity twice in Parliament to truthfully answer a direct question. He failed to provide an honest answer and had opportunities to correct the record but failed to do so," Labor Leader Rebecca White said.

Leader of government business Michael Ferguson said Mr Jaesnch had promised to review his response and update his answer.

“The Minister and his team are currently engaged in reviewing the nature of the question and the words that he said,” he said.