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Rare whales spotted off Tassie coast

killer whale

Wildlife watchers are excited after a rarely-seen visitor to Australia turned up off Tasmania's east coast. 

Patrons onboard a tourist boat were over the moon as a pod of orcas swam by at Freycinet, but marine biologists were even more excited after examining the photos. 

It turns out they were Antarctic Type C killer whales - it's just the fifth validated record of the variety in Australian waters, and a Tasmanian first. 

Also known as Ross Sea killer whales, they're a dwarf species, the smallest of the three known Antarctic types, with males reaching around six metres in length. 

They typically commute between Antarctica and New Zealand in pursuit of their preferred prey, the Antarctic toothfish.  

"Type C killer whales are characterised by their narrow, angled eye patch, prominent dorsal cape and overall smaller body size (compared to all other killer whale ecotypes)," a post by Killer Whales Australia said.

 Image: Pennicott Wilderness Journeys via Killer Whales Australia Facebook