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Hobart 105 year old vaccinated

At 105 years of age, Hobart's Jean Hutton is thought among Australia's oldest to have a coronavirus vaccination.

The survivor of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic had her first AstraZeneca dose today (Wednesday).

Jean has said she feels it's the right thing to do for the community and as she gets a lot of visitors at her home.

The third-generation Tasmanian lives independently in Hobart where she’s been most of her life, apart from some time on Bruny Island.

Her daughter Lynne told Tasmania's Department of Health this winter is her 105 year old Mum's first with a heat pump for warmth, having chopped her own firewood until this year despite deteriorating vision.

Department of Health Deputy Secretary Dale Webster congratulated Mrs Hutton for rolling up her sleeve to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Mrs Hutton has set the example for every one of us to follow and get vaccinated. If she can do it, then everyone else who is eligible for a vaccine can do it too.”

“Without doubt Mrs Hutton is a very special Tasmanian, and I’m pleased she’s getting vaccinated, not just for herself but to help protect her family and friends. Her actions her today are to be commended,” Mr Webster said.