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Risdon Prison woes linger

Labor's jumping on yet another Custodial Inspector report portraying Risdon Prison as driven into the ground.

Inmates continue to face repeated lengthy lockdowns because of chronic staff shortages, being described as a denial of human rights.

Shadow Corrections Minister Ella Haddad questions how any rehabilitation can happen in that environment.

"It's a revolving door where nearly 60% of people are back in prison after 2 years, what do we expect when we put people in a situation where they are locked away for 24 hours a day with alarming regularity, of course we are working with a system that is completely broken."

“Risdon Prison is a pressure cooker and the Liberal Government and Elise Archer have known that for years,” Ms Haddad said.

“And now that has become crystal clear with this damning Custodial Inspector’s report released today.

“Ms Archer and the government have refused to act and, in fact, things have only become worse year on year over the past seven years.

“Staff have been placed in an impossible situation because of Ms Archer’s continued ignorance of report after report pointing out the clear evidence.

“She knows this prison has been at breaking point for years and she knows it is dangerous."