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Cause of a Ridgley house fire revealed

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The cause of a Ridgley house fire has been revealed.

TFS crews from Burnie, Ridgley and Somerset were called to the Ridgley Highway property shortly after 5am this morning, finding the house well alight.

The occupant of the home had awoken to find a blaze in the living room, they were later treated for smoke inhalation.

Investigators say rolling sparks or a piece of timber falling out of the open fire place had ignited the floor and caused the fire.

"TFS recommends open fireplaces are never left unattended or burning through the night and ensure there is appropriate protection such as a fire guard to prevent logs from rolling out" TFS fire investigator Wayne Viney said.

"Thankfully the occupant woke up and was able to escape the house without serious injury," said Mr Viney.

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