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So far so good

Contact tracing is reported to be going well in the case of a covid infected man who travelled from New South Wales to Tasmania via Melbourne.

He was sent to quarantine upon arrival in Launceston on Monday and returned to New South Wales on Wednesday.

There are no positive tests yet from any possible contacts with the man including a Scotch Oakburn student, guests and staff at the quarantine hotel (Peppers) and those at Launceston Airport.

Tasmania's Director of Public Health Dr Mark Veitch has signalled that for now, it is a bit of a waiting game.

"The public can be reassured that all of the contact tracing processes are going well, we're all going to be a little bit anxious for the next two or three days until we start to accrue information that there aren't any cases amongst the people that this person has moved amongst."

Although 14 days is the benchmark, Dr Veitch is looking to around mid next week for when we will get an indicator if we have dodged the virus.

"We will have a pretty good idea after about five or six days, if we get negative tests all the way through, that the risk in the community is low."