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School rebuild begins in “near future”


Nearly 300 students at a Greater Hobart primary will be in their new-look school by term 1 next year.

Lindisfarne North Primary is pulling up stakes and moving down the road to the site of the former Geilston Bay High School.

Acting Education Minister Vanessa Goodwin has announced local construction firm Fairbrother is on board for the redevelopment.

“Recently, the school community decided after months of consultation to relocate to the former Geilston Bay High site to give Lindisfarne North's more than 290 students access to a better learning environment,” said Dr Goodwin.

“The Liberal Government is providing $2 million to redevelop the existing facilities to provide for a modern, high-quality primary school.”

Students can look forward to a full-size gymnasium as well as bigger classrooms and their own oval.