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Launceston murder trial continues


A 12 person jury is set to hear from the first key witnesses in a murder trial in Launceston's Supreme Court.

On Wednesday, the jury heard opening remarks from Crown Prosecutor John Ransom - who outlined the evidence, the opposition's plans and what they propose happened.

48 year old Natalie Maher has plead not guilty to murdering her mother 71 year old Veronica Corstophine - whos body was found in late October 2019 at her Keane St, Launceston home.

The proesecution allege Ms Corstophine died some time between October 3, 2019 at 2pm and October 5 2019 when Ms Maher flew to Western Australia - most likely before 10pm on October 3.

It's alleged a pillow was used to suffocate Ms Costorphine.

Defence lawyer Evan Hughes urged the jury to consider all the evidence and all the possibilities - including that someone else could have killed Ms Corstophine - the evidence against Ms Maher all circumstantial.

The jury is set to begin hearing from key witnesses today - including police and family.