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Church slams complaint as gag bid

Hobart's Catholic archbishop claims an anti discrimination complaint lodged against him by a Greens candidate is an attack on free speech.

The church sparked debate by circulating a pastoral letter entitled "Don't Mess with Marriage" on its beliefs surrounding same-sex marriage.

Activist Martine Delaney has labelled it offensive and humiliating to those of different sexual orientations, also naming the Australian Bishops Conference in the complaint.

The Archbishop says the response is way over the top.

"The Bishops' pastoral letter on marriage affirms the dignity of all human beings regardless of their physical characteristics, gender or the orientation of their sexual attraction," he said. 

Ms Delaney wants the issue taken further than just an apology. 

"To resolve this complaint, I would like the Catholic Church in Tasmania to implement a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) awareness program for all staff and students within the Catholic Education system," said Ms Delaney.