Tasmanian News

Tourism soaring

It's not just Hobart revelling in a tourism golden streak, with growth experienced across regional areas including an 11% rise in the North last year.

The state broke through the 1.2 million visitors mark in 2016 to set a new record.

Daniel Leesong from the Tourism Industry Council is delighted that the state's now drawing younger fans.

"We're the number 1 destination in Australia for Generation Y, that's something historically Tasmania hasn't achieved and it's something that we're certainly very proud of and see that's really good for our long term future."

While Tasmania's tourism continues to power ahead, there's recognition that plenty of hard work and investment's still needed to ensure visitors keep coming back.

New Labor leader Rebecca White is aware that improvements have to be ongoing.

"If you go to Freycinet National Park, at the moment, trying to find something as simple as a car park can be really hard, we need to make sure that the visitor experience is a really positive one so people keep coming back to Tasmania."