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War on drugs or 'scare campaign'

A drugs war is playing out in Tasmania but it is not between cartels. Instead it is a war of words between politicians.

The State Government claims the Labor Party voted in favour of the "...decriminalisation of small volume use and possession of illicit drugs.

"Labor’s secret plan to legalise drugs has been revealed," said Health Minister Michael Ferguson.

"It’s there in black and white: Labor is soft on drugs.

"Because Labor delegates voted for it, it means it is now Labor’s official position and, according to the rules of the Labor Party, all Labor MPs in Tasmania including Rebecca White, are bound by that decision."

Earlier in the week state Labor Leader Rebecca White said decriminalisation was not part of her party's policy.

Today she flatly denied the Government's claims and stood by her previous statements.

"The Labor party does not have a policy to decriminalise drugs full stop," she said.

"Illicit drugs are a problem in our community, particularly ice.

"What we have said very clearly is that we are prepared to look into the provisions regarding medicinal cannabis.

"There are people in our community right now who are using medicinal cannabis and under the current laws are classed as criminals.

"We don't think that's how they should be treated."