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Flu cases surge in July

flu shot pixabay

A surge of flu infections has prompted the Health Department to remind Tasmanians to get a flu shot.

The official figures for July show there was a significant increase in flu cases last month with more than 300 cases, up from 63 in June. 

As of this morning there has been 560 flu cases for the whole year. 

Acting Director of Public Health Dr Scott McKeown said it clearly shows that flu season is in full swing.

"It's not too late to get a flu shot," he said.

"From what we have seen this year the vaccine is well matched to the strains of flu that are circulating in the state."

He says any Tasmanian who wants to be protect from the flu should see a GP or a pharmacist about getting a shot.

Dr McKeown said if you got the shot last year you would still need to get another one now.

"People need the flu vaccine each year because flu immunity is only short lived and the mix of viruses changes every year."