Tasmanian News

Tas / SA direct flights

Hobart and Adelaide are to have direct flights between them for the first time since 2010, cutting hours off the current broken trip involving a stop in Melbourne or Sydney.

Jetstar will introduce 3 direct services weekly from November 14th in response to higher demand.

Destination Southern Tasmania CEO Melinda Anderson foresees plenty of promotion opportunities for both states.

"Tourism Tasmania will be extending their campaigns into that market and we'll be working to compliment that, but I think the most significant thing is, there has always been a really strong affinity between South Australia and Tasmania, a strong interest from that market."

Tourism Industry Council's Luke Martin expects the number of flights to grow as the markets catch on.

"You'll see a lot more Tasmanian marketing in South Australia to support this service and obviously I think we'll see a lot of South Australian advertising happening in Tasmania to support it the other way and that's ultimately about supporting the airline to make sure the demand is there for the service, that it's long term and it's permanent."

The three flights a week for Hobart adds 56,000 seats to Tasmania annually.

Premier Hodgman expressed his eagerness to see growth in tourism from SA, which currently accounts for around 5% of all interstate visitation.