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Tassal worker 'harshly' sacked for hangover sickie


A Tassal factory worker who was sacked for giving an honest excuse for taking a sick day has been awarded 8,000 dollars by the Fair Work Commission.

Avril Chapman left a message on her boss's phone the day before she was due to work, saying she would be unfit to work after overindulging during birthday celebrations on April 25th.

"Hi Michelle, it’s Avril, one of your most loved pains in the arse,” she said. “Um it’s Anzac Day, my birthday, and I admit I have overindulged so I’m taking into account one of the golden rules, be fit for work, and I’m not going to be fit for work so I won’t be there. But um love ya, catch ya on the flip side.”

After her manager heard the message the next morning, he was concerned Ms Chapman was using a safety rule” to justify her consuming alcohol “to such an extent that she anticipated she would be unable to work the next day”, the FWC wrote.

The workplace watchdog ruled it was overly harsh of Tassal to sack Ms Chapman and the situation was not dissimilar to a worker taking a sickie without being ill.

The fair work commission did not order Ms Chapman be reinstated as an employee at the company. 

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