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Jacqui Lambie quits over dual citizenship

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Tasmanian crossbench senator Jacquie has confirmed she will resign from the Senate after confirming she is a dual UK citizen.

And emotional Ms Lambie told Brian Carlton on Tasmania Talks she will consider running for the federal seat of Braddon if Labor MP Justine Keay is forced out of parliament over concerns with the timing of the renunciation of her citizenship.

But the Burnie based former senator says she won't consider running in the Tasmanian state election due in March.

"After prayers (at 12:30) I will be resigning from the senate," she said.

"It's quite clear that, because of my father, I'm also Scottish.

"The confirmation has come back early this morning."

Lambie's likely replacement in the senate is Devonport's Mayor Steve Martin.

But Martin could also face Section 44 issues because his current role could be deemed as an office of profit under the Crown.

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