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Cable car deal 'done in secret' Labor claims

Allowing drilling and surveying on Mount Wellington by the proponents of the controversial cable car development was done in secret just before the election was called according to the Labor party.

State Growth Minister Peter Gutwein says it was a minor administrative step and there was no need to make it public

But his counterpart Scott Bacon suggests the government was trying to sneak it through.

"Why did they try to keep this secret until after the election," he said.

"It's clear that the Government didn't want this decision to be out there during the election and they didn't want Tasmanians to know that this decision had been made"

But Mr Gutwein said it was a minor administrative step and there was no need to make any kind of announcement about it.

"There's nothing sinister about this," he said.

"It's a minor administrative step that allows this project to have it's DA fully informed before providing it to council."