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Tasmania on the brink of battery boom

A new report suggests Tasmania is on the verge of a battery storage boom as the cost of the technology continues to fall.

Prices across Australia have already dropped 80% since 2010 with the report predicting those prices will halve again by 2025.

Professor Andrew Stock from the Climate Council says we're at a tipping point.

"Tasmania is ideally placed to leverage this storage boom," he said.

"It's really on the cusp of developing in Australia.

"Tasmania is looking at pumped hydro to use its assets more for storage and there are, no doubt, opportunities for storage at the household level as well." 

He says houshold systems involving solar panels and battery storage are becoming more and more affordable.

"A household battery system would cost anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 dollars currently," Prof Stock said.

"So it's possible for a household that has solar to start small and then add more modules as they get familiar with what the product can offer.

"If you've got solar power you can power your house pretty well all day everyday and all night with batteries.

"It's really only when you get to the extreme cold or heat that possibly you need to draw off the grid."