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Hotel booking shakeup

The days of accommodation booking internet giants strong-arming their hotel operators on the their room rates could be numbered. 

Currently, hotels are not able to advertise rates undercutting the deals on the booking websites, or risk being relegated to lower profile settings.

Federal Labor is looking to follow some international leads where price parity clauses in contracts are banned and Steve Old from Tasmania's Hospitality Association is right on board.

"It's great to see Labor federally standing up to say that they are going to try to change the laws in relation to this, little operators and hotel operators right around the country have been held at ransom for a long time by some of these big booking agencies and it's good to see someone standing up to them saying it really should be up to the venue operator as to what yield and what sort of booking prices they want to put on their venues and it shouldn't be up to the booking agencies to do that."

Chief executive of the Accommodation Association of Australia, Richard Munro, told the Sydney Morning Herald, the winners will be the operators of small business and the public who can finally get a better deal by going direct online once this legislation is passed.