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Fur real; pests served up for dinner

MONA eat

Hobart's Museum of Old and New Art is pushing the boundaries once again, with an exhibition featuring dishes made from invasive species - including feral cats.

The weekly three course dinners will be held every Sunday from the end of the month until May 26.

It's the final stage of a project by artist Kirsha Kaechele, wife of Mona founder David Walsh.

'Eat the Problem' opens to the public tomorrow, dishing up a cat consomme and other offerings involving anything from deer to sea urchins to thistles. Recipes also include sweet and sour cane-toad legs and fox curry.

Ms Kaechele says the dining experience has a wider meaning.

"Using weeds and animals that are culled by government programs where they're causing environment degradation. I suppose we're suggesting that they might be more logical things to eat, especially when it's a beautiful meat like venison, or boar or rabbit," she said.

After entering the gallery space in complete darkness, visitors will encounter the monumental glockenspiel illuminated in a full range of colour. Tasmanian Musician and composer Kelly Ottaway, Mona Music Curator Brian Ritchie and a collection of guest musicians will play throughout the exhibition.

Alongside the feasts, visitors can book a range of healing sessions in the gallery, including sound baths, reflexology, massage and hot and cold treatments.

Image: Artist Kirsha Kaechele (Alex Jackson)