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Poppy love: alkaloids bounce back


Tasmania's volatile poppy industry is set for another upswing.

Tasmanian Alkaloids has announced it's boosting the number of hectares needed for next year's crop by 65 per cent to more than 8000 hectares, good news for some 400 growers around the state.

Despite recent bad press around the epidemic of opioid deaths, demand is apparently on the rise again as a global oversupply clears. 

Tas Alkaloids is offering an extra 12 and 15 per cent for two of the four varieties grown in Tasmania.

The state supplies roughly half the raw ingredients used in opiates around the world.

TA Field Operations Manager Noel Beven says demand was also hit by a prescription drug crackdown in the US.

"The industry has suffered some price decreases as the market became much more competitive," he said. 

"It's an indication that we've gained some traction in sales; that's why we're able to get a bigger market share again."