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Family adventuring tips for winter

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You might think the great outdoors are only great when it’s warm, sunny and bright outside. But Tassie’s natural wilderness is still amazing in wintertime - if not more. 

Areas are less crowded, there’s no annoying bugs and we all know that fresh air and exercise are great for the winter blues, not to mention grumpy kids who’ve had too much screen time indoors!

Forget the excuses of “it’s too cold, too much effort, too uncomfortable” to venture outside. With the right gear and some creativity, you’ll be having fun family memories that you’ll want to repeat next winter too. Check out some great ideas below.

Make it fun for the kids

It’s probably the kids who need the most convincing to get outside, so start with them. Let them choose a new backpack to get into the adventure spirit and fill it with some fun activities, including bubble blowers or a printed nature-based treasure hunt list. If you’re going out at night, sparklers, glow sticks and a torch will be winners. Also, make sure they haven’t grown out of their shoes since last winter, or they’ll be asking to return to the car or be carried before too long.

Suggested gear:

Stay warm and dry from head to toe

Forget bulky coats and go for lightweight, breathable clothing instead. Smart layering will give you options in our changeable weather, and thermal socks will make all the difference too. Don’t let the threat of rain ruin your motivation either - be prepared with a raincoat or wet weather pants just in case.

Suggested gear:


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Fur babies can come too!

A family outing isn’t the same without your four-legged friend but don't let them shiver and freeze. Grab a nice dog coat and snuggle together.

Suggested gear:

Bring food to save on costs 

Picnics are always fun and if it's sunny you can hang out and get some vitamin D at the same time. Hot food will be a welcome treat instead of sandwiches and crackers and will keep everyone’s energy and warmth up so you can stay out longer.

Suggested gear:

julian bialowas 1969 unsplashConsider camping

Gone are the days of roughing it. Surprise the family with some creature comforts and fun conveniences such as hot water on tap and quality sleep mats. And make sure you have a good camp stove to cook up delicious, hot meals instead of making do with baked beans from a tin or boring hot dogs.

Suggested gear:

Or just have a backyard adventure

If you really don’t want to go far, why not have a nighttime backyard adventure instead. Toast some marshmallows on the fire, see how many constellations you can spot in the night sky and share some age-appropriate spooky stories. Best of all? When everyone’s cold and tired, it's quick to walk inside the house and go straight to bed!

Suggested gear:

Gear up and get outside - Allgoods has all your wintertime adventuring solutions covered!
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