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Firefight missteps in cruel summer

Tasmania's bushfire fighting shortcomings are cropping up in a new independent report on the brutal last season.

It's found the early response to what developed into the Riveaux Road blaze wasn't 'hard and fast', an approach and phrase often bandied about in recent times.  

Labor's Shane Broad has also responded to a problem found in another major outbreak.

"The Gell River fire, the firefighters thought that the fire was out and they requested a spotter plane to come in, but this report highlights that this spotter plane wasn't available and indeed there aren't spotter planes based in Tasmania with that thermal imaging capability in the summer, that needs to change."

Greens leader Cassy O'Connor agrees better resourcing such as that thermal imaging equipment could avoid a repeat.

"We can't have another situation where a decision is made to leave a fire in extreme fire weather, to walk away from that fire and then it gets out of control, we could do so much better."

Liberal MP Guy Barnett told parliament, the government is taking the report fully on board.

"Yes, there are always lessons to be learnt, to continually improve our response to emergency situations and we've accepted indeed all nine recommendations in principal, work is now underway."

But Labor notes some of these recommendations in the new report, appeared in previous reviews some years ago.