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Calls for trans federal inquiry

Transgender pixabay

Fresh calls for a federal inquiry into gender dysphoria are being headed up by a well-recognised Tasmanian sociologist.

Hobart-based Dr Geoff Holloway, who's known mainly for his environmental activism, has added his weight to the ongoing issue surrounding transgender rights, concerned that children as young as 5 are wanting gender reassignment procedures and puberty blockers.

He cites a number of high-profile medical bodies including the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the American College of Paediatricians and the Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK which have all raised concerns with a spike in the number of transgender cases among young people.

Freedom of information data published in The Australian shows there were 2415 children referred for gender treatment in Australia between 2014 and last year - a 41% increase in Victoria. 

Dr Holloway's submission - which has been endorsed by Senior Australian of the Year Dr Sue Packer and Women Speak Tasmania, as well as his own United Tasmania Group - has been sent to both Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

"...whom, incidently, I haven't heard back from. I haven't even had any acknowledgement that they recieved my submission and I sent it to half a dozen of their people. Whereas I have recieved acknowledgment from the Minister," Dr Holloway said.   

Recommendations within the submission call for stronger assessment of children and adolescents wanting intervention and more "accountability" for doctors undertaking the practice.

"What we're looking for is a full federal inquiry which is open and public so that all the issues and all the facts can be put on the table and this whole notion of gender transitioning and the treatment of kids with gender dysphoria can be properly evaluated," he said.

Dr Holloway argues the topic has become politicised to the point where facts and data are being left by the wayside. 

"One of the problems, and you'll find this quite often, is that clinicians are frightened to speak out because when they do, they're severely ostracised by trans-lobbyists and in some occasions - particularly overseas - they've lost their jobs."