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Sarah Paino killer back behind bars

sarah paino and family aap

Another twist in the story of the teenager behind the death of Sarah Paino - the 19-year-old back behind bars just hours after the revelation of his controversial parole.

The Hobart mother was killed in 2016 when a stolen car driven by the then 15-year-old ran a CBD red light at 110km/h with no headlights on and slammed into her vehicle.

She was pregnant at the time, but the baby was able to be safely delivered. 

There was community outrage at yesterday's news of the teenager's release in early August, but he's now been taken back into custody after breaching parole conditions.

Senior Minister Michael Ferguson acknowledges there's scrutiny on the justice system

"The community deserves to have every confidence in our laws, in our judiciary and in our parole board. That's why the government has been acting to toughen our laws, and to make sure the board parole has got people on it able to represent victim's concerns and also to have somebody there that has police experience," he said.