horro and chill wings

horro and chill wings

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Orphaned penguins "calling for their parents"

Little penguin

Orphaned penguin chicks rescued after their parents were mauled to death in a dog attack last week, are receiving around-the-clock care.

42 Little Penguin carcasses were found at Doctors Rock near Wynyard. Examinations have confirmed they were killed by dogs.

After the mauling, rescuers found 10 chicks, orphaned when their parents died.

Sadly, one of the chicks died soon after being rescued.

Sondra Roberts from Penguin Rehabilitation Facility in Burnie has told Tasmania Talks their carer is providing feeds to the nine remaining chicks.

"She had to re hydrate them and that involved tubes down the throat, of each penguin, getting a liquid in them every two hours, for at least the first 24 hours. Some of them are still one four hourly feeding schedules."

She says the chicks vary in age and have been "calling for their parents".

"Between three to four weeks old, up to about eight weeks old, so they're very fluffy and very cute to look at but they are terrified of humans and they have been through the most traumatic incident," she said.

The penguins have to be able to swim for eight hours a day before they can be released back into the wild.