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Drug testing welfare recipients slammed

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Thousands of dole recipients could soon be tested for drugs, with those found positive shunted onto cashless welfare cards and into counselling sessions.

However, the Federal Government could hit a fresh snag as its tries to convince the new-look Senate to support its twice-rejected proposal.

Tasmanian crossbencher Jacqui Lambie, whose vote will be crucial, is open to backing the reheated idea, but only if federal politicians are also drug tested.

CEO of the Tasmanian Council of Social Service Kym Goodes doesn't support the move and says it's a health issue.

"There should be for those who are taking illicit substances, whether they're accessing a support payment or whether they're in full employment, there needs to be more support in terms of education and prevention and an improvement of the health systems in place."

She says the plan has no merit.

"It's a plan that's got no evidence around it, there is nothing to suggest and no evidence that people accessing government support payments are using illicit drugs that rate any different to the rest of the population," she said.