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Students rally for climate action

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What’s already being dubbed possibly the largest protest in Tasmanian history has taken place this afternoon.

School students marched through Hobart’s CBD in full voice, calling for more action on global warming.

Organisers estimate a total of over 22 thousand people gathered for the School Strike 4 Climate, including teachers, parents and onlookers.

They’re part of a global movement which is calling for leaders to do more to address climate change.

There were similar rallies held in Launceston, Devonport and Wynyard - as Tasmania lives up to its reputation as arguably the most environmentally passionate state in Australia.

A number of keynote speakers addressed crowds on parliament lawns, particulary in relation to the upcoming bushfire season, before crowds took to the streets. 

"Students want to draw as much attention as they can towards this really significant problem. They are really worried about their future and this is a really good lesson in advocacy and in raising voices about issues of concern which is one of the important things to learn in life," Hobart Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds said. 

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 Images: Rory O'Grady