20 20 Week Commencing 05/06

Bills.jpg  Monday - we're not paying the Bills - thats too stressful!

Instead we're PLAYING the Bills... it's a countdown packed with artists named Bill or Billy, with a few Williams outside the Countdown! So join me as we play the top 20 Bills featuring the guy who went by the name Bill Martin, there's the Billy who was given his stage name by a teacher who called him "IDLE" and I'll play the Billy who was on a baseball scholarship at college before deciding to have a swing at music! They're in our "Playing the Bills" 20 20 Retro Countdown!


Mork.jpg Tuesday - We'll remember the final season of Mork And Mindy!

Join us on a trip back to early June 1982 - the week when the last episode of Mork and Mindy went to air. Remember that 4th and final season - Mork and Mindy were married - and their "Baby" Mearth was born. It was also the week that Toni Basil topped the Aussie charts with the hit named after one of the Monkees! Listen in to find out why! All that and a memorable tv ad flashback as we visit this week in 1982!


Kotter (2).jpg Wednesday - we're turning back the 20 20 clock to 1979!

How many Welcome Back Kotter characters can you name? That show finished during this week in 1979 - so that's where the next 20 20 journey takes us! Inside the top 20 - we'll hear the group who's lead singer was both the reason for their success.. and their eventual downfall! And there's the hit that they had to create a grammy category for! All that and more as we re-create the paper chart from early June 1979!


Ferris (2).jpg Thursday - we re-live the call of Bueller - Bueller! as we visit early June 1986!

It's one of those iconic movies of the 80's - "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".. do you remember who played his sister? And do you remember which actor had a small role talking to his sister in the police station? Join us for our countdown from this week in 1986 - and I'll fill in the gaps! We'll also playFergal Sharkey's lesser known hit, the singer renowned for 8 word song titles - and at number 1 - it's the hit recorded for the Comic Relief charity!


mic.jpg Friday - grab your microphone and join in with the Celebrity Backing Singers!

When it comes to hits - we often know the title - the singer - maybe even the songwriter... but what about the people behind the scenes who didn't get a mention on the record label?? Did you know actress Darryl Hannah joined in on one of her boyfriend's songs...Do you know who sings "I Want My MTV" on that classic Dire Straits hit - "Money For Nothing" - and who did Lionel Richie take under his wing and guide towards his own recording deal... the answers to thos questions are on our "Celebrity Backing Singers" 20 20 Retro Countdown!